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Hotellab allows you to offer the best price for your hotel rooms, depending on the market situation, sales, demand, competitors' actions, and all other factors.





Hotellab offers a unique and affordable revenue management, pricing, and marketing solution. The system helps hotels to increase their revenue and optimizes their OTA commissions.

Hotellab tools are based on a mathematical analysis of the demand status. Hotellab frequently updates the hotel price and marketing strategy, considering any fluctuations in demand. It is easy to implement and use.



Main advantages

System algorithms are based on deep data analysis

Data from PMS is integrated into hotellab at a reservation level; personal data is not included. Hotellab analyses three or more years of historical data, current booking patterns and windows, types of day, price flexibility, and segmentation to understand the current situation at a hotel. By including external factors, such as competitors’ prices, market supply, and demand, hotellab can create pricing strategies based on current trends. Additionally, behavior and strategy can be predicted by storing large amounts of price history, analyzing competitors’ prices, and the dynamics of price changes in the market.

Hotellab system personalizes the algorithm for a new hotel

The critical factor in successful interaction with the system is the adaptation of the algorithm to the characteristics of each hotel.
The following factors are considered: using an algorithm based on each room category or hotel level; minimum and maximum pricing levels, seasonally dependent; difference between room categories (may be fixed or variable, depending on demand); creating maximum price flexibility for popular room categories; selection of a competitive set for each room category; introduction of seasonal or event-tracking in each market; hotel segmentation; data influence weighting.
Example: more focus on the hotel’s booking pace than competitors’ fluctuations (can be seasonally adjusted).

Hotellab combines revenue management and digital marketing to help focus on increasing NetRevPAR

End-to-end analytics – matching PMS data with Google Analytics – allows hoteliers to make effective decisions on the effectiveness of a website promotion. Restricting commissionable channels and understanding why there is demand for bookings from a website on a future date of stay. In addition, a hotel can correlate website sales data with standard pick-up/sales rates, group or segment statistics, budget, and forecast, and create many other reports.

Full or custom automation

Hotellab system, through integrations with Channel Manager or directly with PMS, allows managers to automate prices and restrictions fully. The user can choose the most suitable way for them to work. The system can operate on autopilot, with manual updates, or on autopilot for selected periods or room categories only. The manager controls the situation, but simultaneously, they can automate any period and, where necessary, switch on frequent price updates.






Increasing hotel revenue based on Revenue Management System. Dynamic pricing, occupancy forecasting, demand, competitor price analysis, booking segmentation, Instant price updates in open sources can be achieved through PMS or channel manager integration. The ability to set prices on autopilot. Quickly assess booking and revenue growth analytics for any date, segment, booking source, or room category. Monitor the market and competitors at the level of price behavior and availability of hotels. Advanced analytics of competitor prices, demand, booking pace, sales statistics, and many other metrics that are essential for analysis.

End-to-end hotellab analytics — adapting Google Analytics and Revenue Management data

Tracking the path of each booking. This tool analyzes the situation, studies demand at the room category level, and controls changes at the booking source. This allows you to distribute resources and make good hotel and website promotion decisions. Optimizes advertising campaigns and reseller channel strategies based on demand. Booking funnel, the rating of advertising campaigns, statistics on booking revenue, filtering traffic sources, cities, and other data that is useful for analysis and decision making.


Market analytics tool. Benchmarking your hotel performance against market performance helps you to determine how well your hotel performs against the market and competitors.
Compare your hotel’s performance with the market in terms of sales rates, online channel shares, and key metrics to form distribution and marketing strategies that are profitable for the hotel.

Rate shopper

A tool for analyzing and monitoring competitors’ prices, availability, and price dynamics. Evaluate the sales policy of a hotel in comparison with competitors, both at the level of the room category or the entire hotel.
The demand index is based on price dynamics, the availability of competitors, and the market; it will tell you when it is most intense and when additional demand stimulation is needed.
Monitoring depth – 365 days ahead.
Convenient visualization format: filters allow you to track the dynamics of competitors’ prices for the selected period and detailed data on the type of tariff or room category required. Pop-up windows will enable you to see the changes in competitors’ prices from the hotel’s price.


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