HRS Meal Control

Perfect for hotel restaurants

HRS Meal Control regulates the flow of guests during peak times, reducing waiting times at the restaurant entrance and consequently increasing the satisfaction of your guests.



A module for restaurant access control

The Meal Control Module was created by HRS to help the hospitality industry control the access process. Designed originally to just regulate breakfast access, the Meal Control module has expanded to become a fully-fledged management system for all the different types of meal packages that are available.



HRS Meal Control



  • Perfect solution for hotels with restaurants and other restricted areas.
  • Available as a module for restaurant and property management systems.
  • Control visitors by day and hour in real-time.


  • Eliminates disputes over booked breakfast or meal packages.
  • No more chaotic and unmanageable buffet queues.
  • Improves the guest experience and gain better service ratings.




No more chaotic buffet queues or disputes over booked breakfast and other meal packages. The HRS Meal Control management module replaces outdated breakfast package reports with real-time search, and significantly increases the service speed with the Tap-and-Go system.

This module meets all the requirements of the hospitality industry; it regulates guest flows during peak load periods, reduces guest waiting time at the entrance to the restaurant, removes the need for personal contact, and as a result increases your guest’s level of satisfaction.


Key Benefits

Fast & Easy

By guest name, room number or key card, the hostess can easily determine whether a breakfast is included in the customer’s package.


You can set different types of meal packages for adults and children and track individual statistics.


Meal Control automatically creates receipts in the Simphony POS system for those guests without a meal plan.


The guest attaches their key card to the reader, which acknowledges the access level by its color. Simultaneously the hostess can see on the monitor how many meals have been taken, and how many remain.


The module connects seamlessly to OPERA, Suite8, and Simphony POS. It allows you to manage all hotel services, including access control, with just one electronic card.

Daily Analytics

The module provides detailed and comparative analysis of each F&B zone in your hotel, plus real-time payment/consumption statistics for all your packaged meals.


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