Upsell technology for the hotel

Nor1 allows hoteliers to maximize additional revenue opportunities, regardless of the level or size of your hotel.


Nor1 Upsell & Intelligence Platform

Real-time data-driven, highly relevant and personalized pricing and merchandising solutions are delivered exactly when guests are ready and willing to buy upgrades, products and other amenities that make their stay even better; driving incremental revenue and guest satisfaction.


Key Benefits



  • Consistently managed and maintained at all touch points: At Booking, Pre-arrival, Check-in, On-property, and Post-checkout via mobile web, apps, email, desktop and tablet.
  • Cloud-based upgrade hierarchy and price management utility


  • Optimizes post-confirmation upsell prices within boundaries set by properties and brand standards
  • Manage, track and reward properties and employees across brand, chains, and properties




eStandby Upgrade®

eStandby® boosts a property’s bottom line by creating a demand for premium inventories at the time of booking; room upgrades are not awarded or confirmed until just before arrival.

eXpress Upgrade™

eXpress Upgrade™ takes eStandby® requests and real-time available inventory into consideration; confirmed upgrades can be scheduled until the day of check-in.

CheckIn Merchandising™

CheckIn Merchandising™ empowers front desk teams across properties, chains and brands to deliver targeted, revenue-maximizing offers consistently and effectively, regardless of how a reservation was booked or whether contact data is available.


eReach™ offers real-time, targeted and relevant room inventory and hotel amenity offers to the right guest at the right time, actively engaging guests during and throughout, and even after their stay.


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