Order Broker

One hundred percent product availability

The Order Broker software solution allows retailers to prioritize and set rules for optimal fulfillment sourcing based on customer and store locations, prices, margins and other metrics, eliminating missed sales due to lack of product.



Key Benefits Order Broker

Enable Endless Aisle in retail stores

With Order Broker retailers can perform omnichannel transactions within their existing store environments. The user interface will alert the individual store about new orders as well as the status of orders to be managed. The individual store can view order detail information, perform status updates, print picking slips, and see any messages. In addition, the customer is kept updated with ‘pick-up ready’ messages when the order process has either completed or has been shipped.

Optimize inventory levels

Order Broker provides retailers with the flexibility to drop ship an order to a customer directly from the supplier, instead of from the retailer’s inventory. Once the order is placed the application automatically sends the customer information to the supplier for delivery. Drop ship ordering gives the retailer the opportunity to sell additional products without the need to maintain the inventory, in effect an endless aisle capability.

Drive revenue growth with healthy margins

In using Order Broker retailers have a solution that delivers a rapid ROI and creates opportunities for better customer engagement with increased customer loyalty. This uses mathematical modeling to do margin analysis and identify the most profitable location to fulfill an order from. Order Broker is a highly efficient, low-cost method for sending orders directly to customers, whilst at the same time optimizing operations and maintaining brand identity.

Ensure great customer experience

Retailers are often faced with the challenge of prioritizing inventory to serve various channels. With Order Broker, retailers can view the inventory availability at any time. This extended visibility means that unnecessary delay is avoided when fulfilling orders and servicing customers. The inventory reservation is based on system and order status. If an order cannot be fulfilled by the location identified by Order Broker, the application will re-broker the order to the next best fulfillment location, this ensures that the customer receives their order every time.


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