MICROS Simphony

A flexible solution for restaurants and chains

MICROS Simphony is the ideal POS system to effectively manage your point of sale, regardless of facility level, size or chain size.




MICROS Simphony

This solution is used as the enterprise platform for hospitality management because of its powerful combination of POS and back-office functionality on stationary and mobile devices, and its ability to support a wide range of F&B operations. Simphony also provides additional guest interaction capabilities, standardized reporting, and advanced centralized management tools that increase operational efficiency. This solution is available locally as well as in the cloud.



Key Benefits



  • Reduces IT infrastructure costs through cloud technology.
  • Works without the need for an Internet connection.
  • Offers centralized menu, pricing, and promotions management.
  • Ensures mobility by supporting a variety of equipment options.
  • Supports online ordering.


  • Increases revenue by tracking cash flow.
  • Controls cash on hand.
  • Supports online access to analytics from a mobile device.
  • Built-in kitchen management functionality.





Strong analytics

The Reporting and Analytics Advanced Cloud Service business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing solution aggregates all financial and operational metrics and converts them into easy-to-understand reports. This module concentrates data for top management into a single place, allowing you to get the full analytics about the business.

The module’s cloud-based format is available for RES 3700 POS solution users and included in MICROS Simphony software.

inMotion app

Part of the Reporting and Analytics Advanced Cloud Service solution. From the mobile app managers can view key performance indicators (KPIs) and make instant decisions.


Staffing represents one of the highest costs in F&B. Oracle Hospitality Labor Management Cloud Service helps maximize the efficiency of these costs by reducing the manual administration associated with staff scheduling. Employees can view their schedules and request free days via their own mobile devices. At the same time, the module’s functionality ensures that work schedules are optimized, taking account of the restaurant’s workload, and removing the possibility of either over or understaffing at the outlets.

Budgeting and Forecasting

As part of the Reporting and Analytics cloud solution expansion, the Forecasting and Budget Cloud Service module is responsible for creating forecasts. It enables you to make KPI forecasts for total receipts, revenues, sales, and guest counts. This data is used in human resource and warehouse management applications, allowing you to optimize staff schedules and inventory movements.

The Forecasting and Budget Cloud Service module is an add-on for MICROS Simphony and RES 3700 POS systems.



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