TNG Wellness Management

Comprehensive management system + CRM

A club-based spa and fitness center automation system that will manage schedules, memberships, financial and operational activities, planning, and marketing programs.



Key Directions

The TNG Wellness Management solution is an integrated and comprehensive approach to managing sports and recreation centers of all levels and sizes. The software is designed and tailored specifically for sports, fitness, and spa professionals and is ideal for individual studios or in-hotel services.


Spa and Wellness

TNG provides resource allocation and occupancy optimization, specialist and cubicle scheduling control, material consumption tracking, commission calculations, subscription, and membership level management. The solution’s multi-functionality makes it an ideal choice for all types of wellness centers.


The solution is perfect for sanatoriums and hotels with wellness programs. A unified database provides full details of guest stays and their treatment history.

Fitness Clubs

Whether an individual class with a trainer or group workouts, TNG keeps clients and staff up to date with a notification accompanying any change to the schedule. The solution also provides convenient access control and tracking of different membership levels.

Entertainment centres

Important factors when choosing a solution for the management of water parks and amusement parks are the flexibility and speed of the system. TNG handles peak traffic in check-in, ticketing, and gate areas, providing fast service and a quality customer experience.

Country hotels

Important services for the resort hotels include excursion bookings and sales, sports equipment rentals, animation schedules, outdoor recreation, plus the provision of a cashless payment system on the hotel premises.

And more!

TNG solution is suitable for any business based on the reservation of services and support of the actual schedule. At the system’s core is a unique mechanism that controls staff availability, the inventory, matching bookings to actual occupancy, monitoring, and full analytics.


pictogram all in one solution pictogram business intelligence pictogram one system
Comprehensive management of all aspects of your business
Business intelligence
Flexible reporting and forecasting
Warehouse management
Real-time inventory tracking


pictogram marekting features pictogram booking engine pictogram database
Marketing programs
Customer segmentation and loyalty management
Smart scheduling
Advanced functionality for group and individual bookings
Unified database
Single platform for customer and staff management


pictogram customizable and scalable pictogram unlimited pictogram email
Scalability Reporting SMS and email support


pictogram mobile friendly pictogram hybrid architecture pictogram settings
Mobility Hybrid architecture Customization




Focus on innovation

TNG is not just a module but a complete hybrid application with advanced functionality. It supports RFID bracelets and cards for payment, and contactless access. The intuitive interface is easy to operate while ensuring high performance and reliability. By choosing TNG you are opting for high technology, customer focus, simplicity, efficiency, and transparency in your business.

HRS Hotel and Restaurant Systems draw on its extensive international experience and expertise in its work. We offer industry solutions with proven performance and more than 30 years of customer trust. Our 24/7 technical support responds to all inquiries and helps to create the best possible experience for each of your guests.


Setup by your rules

Hosted or on your server – choose the connection method that suits you best. TNG allows you to choose whatever hardware you want – any computer, tablet, or mobile device. In addition, TNG has proven integration with multiple products, including hotel and POS systems.

Advanced CRM gives you endless options for segmenting your customers, planning different promotions, running multiple campaigns, and setting up e-mail and SMS newsletters. You have a full set of tools at your disposal to run your business successfully.


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