High speed of service

The easy-to-use waiter app helps to reduce guest waiting time, speed up your staff's work and increases revenue.




TNG GO! is made for your team to provide the best guest experience. It makes your service faster and more pleasant: instead of many steps (writing order into notebook – coming to the POS station with the order – posting order in POS to send it to the kitchen) your personal will need just one – creating order in App. After that it will be immediately delivered to the kitchen. The average waiting time is halved for your guests.




  • Order taking + correction
  • Menu items with condiments posting
  • Checking pickup


  • Multiple RVC (outlets) supporting
  • Operating without Wi-Fi connection
  • 100% supporting with server down



Key benefits:

Fast order taking

    It suits all needs of your waiters. With a simple and very clean interface it is very easy to use.

Labor cost savings

    With the App one waiter can take orders from more tables and do it as fast as it will be done by two persons as the waiter don’t need to go to the kitchen to be sure the order is being prepared.

Less waiting time

    The dish prepares immediately after the guest made the order. This leads to shorter waiting time.

Shorter table turnover time.

    Fast order brings fast service, that means the time of using the table by guests reduces too. In case of busy day the waiting list moves faster
TNG GO! works on both Android and iOS using mobile phones and tablets. We offer monthly subscription per concurrent user or device and BYOD flexibility (or sell H/W).


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