Xstore POS

More than just a checkout

Retail POS Xstore provides extensive functionality that allows retailers to provide brand engagement with customers in-store through customer preference analysis, network-wide visibility and seamless operations.



Key Strengths

Broad Functionality

Along with traditional checkout operations, Xstore POS provides a full suite of in-store management tools, including inventory control, shopper activity tracking, pricing, reporting, centralized scheduling through the app, and more.

Unified Database

Xstore POS consolidates all relevant customer information at the network and individual store levels. Transaction history, customer profile, cross-selling and up-selling functionality are available at every point of sale.

Mobile Version

The solution is available for use on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. It allows retailers to improve their customer experience by reducing queues, optimizing retail space, and personalization. It also ensures customer safety in a socially distanced environment.

Global Approach

This solution enables you to easily manage stores in multiple countries, using any currency, tax rate, or language. Your customers will retain a familiar brand interaction experience, and management monitors all company-wide data.

Native Apps

Take advantage of Retail POS Xstore’s seamless integration with Ecommerce, Order Broker, and Customer Engagement solutions to create a personalized, omnichannel experience with your brand. Retail’s integrated suite of solutions helps retailers improve the customer experience and maintain continuous communication across all sales channels.


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