Customer Engagement

Be a friend to your customer

A loyal customer is 23% more profitable for your brand than the average shopper. Customer Engagement is omnichannel, so you can get to know and engage with your customers across all channels.



Key Features

Built for retail

Customer Engagement is an innovative retail-focused solution for loyalty programs and customer interactions. Available in both on-premise and SaaS formats, it is easy to install, configure, and use. A fast ROI is ensured through low implementation costs and increased sales.

Personalized engagement

The solution helps store associates to influence customer behavior. This leads to increased average check, increased frequency of purchases, and other indicators of store performance.

Communication across all the channels

Knowing and understanding your customer in detail is critical to building a brand reputation. Customer Engagement extracts information from POS, kiosks, online stores, mobile apps, social media, and more to drive personalized interactions between retailers and their customers.

Suitable for global brands

Customer Engagement handles any volume of customer or transactional information and all the data you need for global growth.


Main Modules

Customer Engagement is a modular solution that allows business owners to select the functionality they require on a “need to know” basis.

Manage promotions

The module helps you to run comprehensive promotional campaigns and vary their application; across the entire assortment or just for specific categories. You can also set parameters by product, time, store type, or region. Customization is implemented at the business user level, allowing businesses to react quickly to changes in the marketplace.

Segmentation and Customer Management

The module is designed to store and process customer data for all phases of interaction. This approach provides flexible dynamic segmentation through standard and custom properties. This data is a good basis for creating and conducting personalized marketing campaigns and developing loyalty programs.

Gift card management

The module includes customizable functionality, which allows you to issue, recharge, and process gift cards.

Management of loyalty programs

Loyalty Program Management has a unique mechanism for configuring loyalty programs and allows retailers to monitor customer activity in real-time, collecting and distributing points across all sales channels.


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