TNG for Hospitality Loyalty

Reward your guests

An easy to use and intuitive multi-functional platform combining loyalty management, marketing and CRM tools.



TNG is a proprietary HRS solution that will help build relationships with your guests, increase sales, improve service quality, and keep your business profitable in the long run. Core modules include:

  • Guest access control
  • Spa/Wellness management
  • Loyalty management.


Manage guest emotions

Advanced guest relationship management is provided by the Loyalty Module; this multiplies the positive effect of working with existing customers and allows you to create and run marketing campaigns to attract new guests. A detailed analysis of the preferences of existing customers helps you to create targeted campaigns.

The hotel will generate additional income when special offers are launched. The module uses automatic discounts, coupons, bonus points, and rewards, which can significantly reduce guest attrition, and increase the percentage of their return.

TNG is ideal for hotels, restaurants, cafes, spas, and fitness centers. It is a versatile solution that works to increase sales and loyalty in any service enterprise.

TNG is an integrated solution based on a modular structure. It solves problematic tasks such as the attraction and retention of clients, bonus programs, membership management, acquaintance with your guests, and personalization of offers, resulting in increased frequency of orders.




Main features

Ideal for hotels

Whether it’s a resort, spa, recreational hotel, or city business hotel chain, TNG navigates these challenges and changes how you approach the issue of guest loyalty management.

Rewards system

A flexible system of bonuses and rewards, gift cards, vouchers, personal discounts, special promotions, different membership levels, and more. TNG focuses on retention and increasing your customer engagement.

Keeping in touch with your guests

Keep in touch with your guests in different ways, including mailings and SMS. It can be a promotion of a new service, an announcement of a special offer, or a reminder of a scheduled visit. Thanks to the web API, your clients can view information about personal rewards or the rescheduling of appointments in real-time.

Effective reports

A comprehensive business report with comparative analytics over a selected period will give you a complete view of your business and calculate the best time to run promotions.

Full coverage of integrations

TNG has proven integration with multiple products, including the advanced HTNG interface for OPERA PMS and Suite8, and a two-way interface with MICROS Simphony, RES 3700, and MICROS 9700.

Advanced profiles

TNG allows you to create detailed guest profiles, including data on recurring reservations, access control, rental, and rental services. Profiles can be assigned to groups of attendees and the different levels of club membership; this helps you to maintain access restrictions for specific areas, segment loyalty programs, and accurately target marketing promotions.


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