Stadiums & Theme Parks

Reliable functionality and speed of service

The Simphony POS solution has been specifically designed for high service density environments. It consistently delivers high levels of performance and service in high peak event environments.


Theme Parks

One of the key requirements for functional services in any amusement park is the speed of service and continuity of food outlets. The satisfaction of your customers, as well as the morale of the service staff, is directly related to the speed and error-free operation of the entire system. Whether it’s a family theme park, theme park, or amusement park, we offer the best solutions for automating your business to not only increase revenue, but also improve operational efficiency.

Entertainment Automation  

Simphony POS is ideal as the premier solution for theme park and entertainment center management with extensive integration capabilities. It is exceptionally flexible and scalable, allowing it to grow with your business.

Simphony POS helps you manage your business with a single tool with broad integration capabilities. The system is reliable and durable, offering quick setup of all operational processes, unprecedented reporting and loyalty tracking, while satisfying guest expectations and improving employee efficiency, which in turn simplifies operational management.

MICROS Simphony


Sports Complexes

The unique challenges of sports arenas dictate a very special approach to their automation. A stadium is usually multiple points of sale, seasonal staff and versatile menu items due to the different types of RVC. All this makes it very difficult to use conventional cash register systems. Catering for spectators at massive sporting events and concerts requires a solution that will not only serve customers quickly and accurately, but also seamlessly handle a large number of transactions per unit of time.

Stadium Automation  

Products specifically designed to serve large venues are the right choice. Simphony POS, which is one of them, has proven its success in hundreds of stadiums all over the world, including Russia and CIS. This system perfectly withstands peak loads during breaks between soccer matches, when all terminals are fully loaded. This is a critical indicator, because any decrease in system performance directly affects the speed of service and, therefore, revenue.

The core of the solution is its central software and point-of-sale terminals or touchscreens. All terminals are highly reliable and durable, easy to install and maintain.

MICROS Simphony


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