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Technology that works no matter the size of your restaurant, perfectly adapted to your environment and challenges.


Innovative Approach and Guaranteed Capacity  

HRS solutions help you manage your food and beverage facilities holistically, from speed of service in the hall, to inventory control and management, kitchen interaction, load forecasting and analysis, staff scheduling, financial reporting and customer relationship management.

Simphony is the ideal solution for the chain hotels

Simphony POS has been specifically designed to cope with the large volume of tasks in a network environment. Performance is not affected by the number of workstations in your enterprise, which can be as few as one or as many as a thousand. You can choose between a cloud-based solution and an on-premises one.

MICROS Simphony

HRS Meal Control is perfect for the access control

The Meal Control Module was created by HRS to help the hospitality industry control the access process. Designed originally to just regulate breakfast access, the Meal Control module has expanded to become a fully-fledged management system for all the different types of meal packages that are available.

HRS Meal Control


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