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Hotel Facility Managementt

Regardless of the type of business, size or category of your accommodation facility, HRS solutions are flexible and adaptable to each hotel's specific requirements, focusing on enhancing guest experience and operational efficiency.



Hotel & Resort Solutions

Enhance your guests’ loyalty with impeccable service, from the lobby to the back office. HRS’ innovative solutions integrate room management, event sales, PMS and POS systems, and analytics, providing the integration needed to create an exceptional experience for your guest.


Hotel Solutions

The HRS hospitality solutions line is represented by the OPERA PMS and Suite8 PMS systems, which meet the highest industry standards. Both solutions are modular, with high processing power and speed, and can be tailored to the needs of the hotel, whether a mini-hotel, city business hotel, spa hotel, or a chain hotel.


OPERA is a strong comprehensive software, specially designed for hotels, with a central control system. The solution is configurable according to the specific requirements of each hotel and works both as a single object and as a network. All sites within a network share a common online database and can exchange all types of information between them quickly and easily.


Suite8 PMS

Suite8 integrates all hotel processes into a single software solution. From reservations to room cleaning, from restaurant to sales and marketing, this software package supports all areas of your hotel, focusing on your most valuable asset: your guest.




Revenue Management

Hotellab offers simple and affordable tools for Revenue Management, Digital Marketing and optimization of hotel expenses. Hotellab solutions allow you to analyze and compare the efficiency of your hotel with competitors, predict the hotel occupancy for the coming periods, effectively manage dynamic rates for making the most profitable decisions for your hotel on a daily basis.



Restaraunt Solutions

Hotel food outlets.

Simphony POS

Simphony POS is the ideal solution for the comprehensive management of hotel food outlets regardless of their number and location. This integrated solution has been specifically designed to handle large volumes of information and to give management powerful tools for both local and global control.

MICROS Simphony

HRS Meal Control

No more chaotic buffet queues or disputes over booked breakfast and other meal packages. The HRS Meal Control management module replaces outdated breakfast package reports with real-time search, and significantly increases the service speed with the Tap-and-Go system.

This module meets all the requirements of the hospitality industry; it regulates guest flows during peak load periods, reduces guest waiting time at the entrance to the restaurant, removes the need for personal contact, and as a result increases your guest’s level of satisfaction.

HRS Meal Control



Planning and control

Fairmas develops online solutions for financial planning, control, management reporting and daily benchmarking for the hospitality industry. Its software is compatible with any hotel’s IT infrastructure and works well with all major PMS solutions, accounting systems and document management systems. .


Materials Control is a comprehensive purchasing, inventory and cost control system that provides the necessary data including cost of sales, actual revenue, available inventory, order bids and inventory requirements in real time.

Materials Control


Sales Management

Optimization of operations, demand planning and forecasting, key account management and complete analytics.

Simple Booking

A solution to take your hotel’s online reservations to the next level. Simple Booking enables hotels to manage all kinds of direct sales channels in a single step and thus increase their direct booking density and profitability. .

Simple Booking


This convenient and customizable solution connects your hotel to all the hotel technology you need for efficient online distribution. SmartHOTEL helps you control rates and room availability, and automates the booking process by reflecting received reservations directly into your hotel’s PMS. All of this helps to increase the profitability of the property and makes it more predictable.



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